What Garbage! Typical Politician Andrew Carlson Votes Again to Limit Consumer Choice

Bloomington Democrat City Council member Andrew Carlson voted this week to limit consumers choice in garbage collection by advancing a one-size fits all hauling proposal and baring the public from voting on the matter through a referendum. Minnesota Jobs Coalition President Kevin Magnuson issued the following statement in response. 
“Typical politician Andrew Carlson continues to vote against consumer choice and public oversight. As Minnesotans learned with Obamcare, when government dictates consumer options and over-regulates small businesses, costs skyrocket and choices shrink at a time when Minnesotans already are stretched. The issue is one of basic freedom of choice. Government should get out of the way of innovation, not stifle it.” 
The Bloomington City Council voted on Monday June 27 to approve a certificate of sufficiency for the council’s selected garbage hauler and to reject a petition for a charter amendment. The vote passed 6-0 with Council member Andrew Carlson voting in favor.
“[T]he council once again quashed an attempt by some residents to stop the unified trash hauling system that the city adopted last year after nearly two years of studies and public hearings.” (John Reinan, “Tempers flare in Bloomington as City Council rejects another effort to kill organized garbage collection,” Star Tribune, 6/29/16)