What Is Jerry Loud Hiding?

Minnesota Jobs Coalition Calls on Loud to Stop Hiding Information from Minnesotans

The Minnesota Jobs Coalition has notified the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board that Jerald “Jerry” Loud, the DFL endorsed candidate in District 2A, has not yet filed his legally required Statement of Economic Interest (EIS). Minnesota Jobs Coalition Executive Director John Rouleau issued the following statement: 

“Minnesotans deserve to know what Jerry Loud is hiding after his failure to comply with the law and file his Statement of Economic Interest. Much like his fellow Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, Loud seems to believe there is one set of rules for him and another for everyone else. Loud should immediately disclose the required information and explain to Minnesotans why he couldn’t follow the law.” 


Loud filed an affidavit of candidacy on May 26, 2016.  

Relevant statute:


§Subdivision 1.Time for filing. An individual must file a statement of economic interest with the board:

(1) within 60 days of accepting employment as a public official or a local official in a metropolitan governmental unit;

(2) within 60 days of assuming office as a district court judge, appeals court judge, Supreme Court justice, or county commissioner;

(3) within 14 days after filing an affidavit of candidacy or petition to appear on the ballot for an elective state constitutional or legislative office or an elective local office in a metropolitan governmental unit other than county commissioner;

Subd. 7.Late filing. If an individual fails to file a statement of economic interest required by this section within ten business days after the statement was due, the board may impose a late filing fee of $5 per day, not to exceed $100, commencing on the 11th day after the statement was due. The board must send notice by certified mail to any individual who fails to file a statement within ten business days after the statement was due that the individual may be subject to a civil penalty for failure to file a statement. An individual who fails to file a statement within seven days after the certified mail notice was sent by the board is subject to a civil penalty imposed by the board up to $1,000.