Minnesota Jobs Coalition Again Calls on Democrat Candidates and Committees to Divest Bill Davis’ Dirty Cash

St. Paul – Minnesota Jobs Coalition President Kevin Magnuson issued the following statement in response to Ex-Community Action director Bill Davis Bill Davis’ admission in court this morning that he stole money intended for assistance to low-income Minnesotans for his personal use, including for traveling to the DNC and Obama Inauguration.


“Last fall, DFL Chairman Martin quickly did the right thing and responded to the call from the Minnesota Jobs Coalition to return Bill Davis’ tainted contributions. Gov. Mark Dayton and the numerous other Minnesota Democrats and committees that Davis contributed to have failed to respond in the same manner. Given their silence and refusal to do the right thing, the Minnesota Jobs Coalition again calls on Gov. Mark Dayton and other Democrats to follow Chair Martin’s lead and return all contributions from Davis.”


A list of individuals and organizations who received funds from Bill Davis is as follows: 

Federal contributions are highlighted below.

Minnesota DFL Party 2003 $500  

Minnesota DFL Party 2007 $1,000

Bobby Joe Champion 2008 $200

Jeffrey Hayden 2008 $250

3rd Congressional District DFL 2008 $150

Minnesota DFL Party 2008 $500

Mark Dayton 2009 $500

2nd Congressional District DFL 2009 $660

3rd Congressional District DFL 2009 $340

46th Senate District DFL 2009 $120

Jim Meffert 2009 $250

2nd Congressional District DFL 2010 $200

Jim Meffert 2010 $200

2nd Congressional District DFL 2011 $190

3rd Congressional District DFL 2011 $250

Minnesota DFL Party 2011 $1,000

Bobby Joe Champion 2012 $300

3rd Congressional District DFL 2013 $250

3rd Congressional District DFL 2014 $375

Minnesota DFL Party 2014 $750


$3,785- State contributions

$4,200- Federal contributions