Prices Skyrocket for Lowest Cost Health Insurance Plans

Apples to Apples: MNsure Rates Headed in the Wrong Direction

St. Paul – Today, MNsure announced a “snapshot” of new insurance rates. When comparing the lowest cost options available on MNsure for 2014 against the lowest cost options for 2015 available starting November 15, Minnesotans can expect premium increases of 20-percent including rate increases of over 50-percent in some areas of the state.

Ben Golnik, Chairman of the Minnesota Jobs Coalition issued the following statement in response:

“Despite the repeated promises to the contrary from Mark Dayton and Minnesota Democrats, MNsure has made health insurance more expensive,” Golnik said. “Obamacare in Minnesota has been a disaster, from missed goals, higher costs for Minnesotans, the highest deductibles in the nation, bonuses for bureaucrats who built a website that still doesn’t work and total lack of accountability. It is past time for Democrats to come clean with Minnesotans and admit they over-promised and under-delivered.”


MNsure Rate Snapshot Sep. 6, 2013
MNsure Rate Snapshot Oct. 1, 2014
MN Jobs Coalition Side By Side Comparison of Rate Changes

Dayton Promised MNsure Would “Reduce the Costs of Purchasing Insurance” “Minnesota families are expected to save over $1 billion by using the exchange to purchase insurance” and the exchange will “reduce the costs of purchasing insurance.” (Mark Dayton “1.3 Million Minnesotans to Benefit From New Health Insurance Marketplace Governor Dayton Signs Legislation Creating ‘MNsure’ – Minnesota’s New Health Insurance Exchange” March 20, 2013)

Minnesota Democrats Said MNsure Was “Smart for our State” “This bill is smart for our state because it will help Minnesota families save money on something everyone needs,” (Jay McNamar “Health Insurance Exchange Passes in State House, Rep. McNamar Votes in Favor” March 4, 2013)