MNSure: “Worst Deal in Minnesota History” on 25th Anniversary of Infamous Herschel Walker Trade

Spot Highlights Terrible Deals in Minnesota History

The Minnesota Jobs Coalition released a new web video to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Herschel Walker trade. View the video here

This Sunday marks the anniversary of Herschel Walker’s arrival in Minnesota. The infamous Walker trade is now being rivaled by the arrival of Obamacare in Minnesota.

“On a party line vote, Mark Dayton and DFL legislators forced Obamacare upon Minnesotans. Among the lowlights of Obamacare in Minnesota: 140,000 lost their existing health insurance, over $160 million spent on a website that does not function property, repeated missed goals which may require a taxpayer-funded bailout, and thousands of dollars in bonuses for bureaucrats. It’s time for Mark Dayton and DFL legislators to acknowledge Obamacare in Minnesota is a complete disaster,” said Ben Golnik, Chairman of the Minnesota Jobs Coalition.