Liberal Democrat Skips Yet Another Committee Meeting

St. Paul — Today, the Minnesota Commerce and Consumer Protection Finance and Policy committee held a joint hearing with Transportation Finance committee on Freight and Passenger Rail Congestion and Safety in Minnesota. Representative Andrew Falk is a member of the Commerce and Consumer Protection Finance and Policy committee and represents Minnesota House District 17A where over 2,000 Minnesotans are employed in agriculture related jobs.

Minnesota Jobs Coalition chairman Ben Golnik released the following statement upon conclusion of today’s hearing that Representative Falk missed.

“Andrew Falk again today failed to do the job he is elected to do. For the third time in the past two months, Falk skipped a hearing relating to issues that are important to his district,” said Golnik. “Andrew Falk owes his constituents an explanation about why he has failed to do his job and continues to skip important committee hearings.”

Today’s hearing on rail congestion and safety is of particular importance to Representative Falk’s district. At the hearing Agriculture Commissioner Fredrickson announced Minnesota farmers had lost at least $109 million between March and May of this year due to congestion. Over 2,000 of Andrew Falk’s constituents are employed in fields related to agriculture.

The past three hearings (for committees which Falk is a member) Representative Falk failed to appear:
Commerce and Consumer Protection Finance and Policy on September 30, 2014
Legislative Energy Commission on September 16, 2014
Legislative Audit Commission – Evaluation Subcommittee on August 28, 2014