MJC Statement on MNsure Overstating Enrollment Figures

MNsure CEO admits private enrollment numbers are 15-20% off

At today’s MNsure Board meeting, MNsure CEO Scott Leitz made a shocking announcement that the actual enrollments for private insurance through MNsure are “80-85 percent” of the enrollment numbers MNsure has provided. While MNsure has reported 55,000 enrollments in private insurance, only 46,500 are actually currently enrolled. With this new information, it is likely MNsure will face immediate budget shortfalls that will need to be covered by taxpayer dollars.

Watch video of MNsure CEO Scott Leitz here.

Statement from Ben Golnik, Chairman of the Minnesota Jobs Coalition:

“This startling revelation demonstrates that the Dayton administration isn’t leveling with Minnesotans about the full nature of the MNsure debacle. It’s shocking that Mark Dayton has been silent since PreferredOne announced it was pulling out of MNsure and Dayton has only appeared at a fundraiser with lobbyists and political insiders in the last 24 hours. It’s time Mark Dayton stepped up and came clean about the Obamacare/MNsure mess in Minnesota.”