Minnesota Jobs Coalition Announces Campaign Urging Dayton To Keep His Word

St. Paul — The Minnesota Jobs Coalition announced a digital advertising campaign today encouraging Minnesotans call Governor Mark Dayton and Lt. Governor Tina Smith to urge them to keep their promise and stop holding tax relief for Minnesota families, seniors, students, and small businesses hostage.

“Governor Dayton pledged that he wouldn’t hold tax cuts for people hostage to gain additional concessions. One week later he is insisting on getting a laundry list of demands before he’ll agree to sign the tax bill,” said Minnesota Jobs Coalition President Kevin Magnuson. “In his own words, before he flip-flopped, ‘bonding and transportation should be considered and enacted on their own merits.’  I agree and so do Minnesotans. It’s time for Governor Dayton to stop playing political games and do what he said he would do: stop holding tax relief hostage and sign the bill.”

The ads will run online through Monday. A sample can be viewed here.


Governor Dayton pledged to not hold tax relief hostage and keep it separate from other considerations:  “Lawmakers did manage to send Dayton two bills, a $300 million budget proposal and a $260 million tax cut bill. The governor said he will review those proposals as soon as he gets them, but he won’t hold them “hostage” to the special session negotiations. The governor has 14 days after a biennium to either sign or veto bills, but Dayton said he plans to take action on those bills within 48 hours of reviewing them.” (Briana Bierschbach “Dayton ‘can’t say’ if he’ll call for special session to deal with transportation, bonding” MinnPost, May 23, 2016)


Governor Dayton refuses to address tax relief until his full list of demands is agreed to: “If we had a special session Friday or Monday I would sign the corrected bill… I’ve made it clear I’m not going to agree to a special session until my requirements are met,” (Governor Mark Dayton “Executive Council Scrum” Office Of Governor Mark Dayton, June 2, 2016)

Dayton Spokesman says “all” of Dayton’s demands must be met before he will sign a tax bill: “Governor Dayton has made two things emphatically clear… he will not call the Legislature into Special Session until all of his conditions, which he outlined yesterday, are met.” (Matt Swenson Statement “Clarification on the $101 million error in the Omnibus Tax bill” Office of Governor Mark Dayton, June 2, 2016)