It’s Official: Dayton Concedes Obamacare Is A Failure

Minnesota Jobs Coalition President Kevin Magnuson released the following statement after Gov. Dayton conceded “the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable.” 
“After rushing to embrace Obamacare lock, stock and barrel, Mark Dayton is finally realizing what Minnesotans have known for years – Obamacare is a failure that led to fewer choices and higher costs for families. While Democrats try to run away from their full throated support of Obamacare, Minnesotans remember that it was those same Democrats who forced MNsure’s trail of broken promises and higher costs upon them. Unfortunately for families, this is what happens under one-party control when compromise is rejected and bills are rammed through the process on a party-line vote.” 
DFL Legislators Praised MNsure and Promised Lower Costs: 
John Persell: “This bill is smart for our state because it will help Minnesota families save money” (John Persell, “Health insurance exchange passes in State House; Rep. Persell votes in favor” The Pilot Independent, 3/7/2013) 
Patti Fritz: “Fritz supported the health exchange. The five-term representative said Minnesota families are expected to save more than $1 billion …’The Health Insurance Exchange will allow Minnesota to once again lead the nation in healthcare,'”(Derek Sullivan, “Steele County lawmakers split on Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange”Blooming Prairie Leader, 3/5/2013) 
Andrew Falk: “It’s something that will make it easier for Minnesota families to get health care” (Andrew Falk, ” To the Editor: Rep. Andrew Falk gives an update” Granite Falls News, 2/6/2013)
Jay McNamar: “I tell you what, MNsure has been a good deal.” (Jay McNamar, “Meet the Canidates” Pioneer Public Television)
Zachary Dorholt: “[Dorholt] said the exchange could help bring down the cost of coverage by helping consumers shop for and compare coverage,” (Times Staff & News Services, “House Moves Closer To Vote,” St. Cloud Times, 3/15/13)
Tom Anzelc: “[The legislature] passed legislation to establish a health insurance marketplace that drives down costs by increasing competition” (Tom Anzelc, Op-Ed, “Let’s Focus On The People, Not Partisanship,” Grand Rapids Herald-Review 3/13/13)
Mary Sawatzky: “Tonight, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed HF 5, legislation establishing a health insurance exchange, on a vote of 72 to 58. The exchange will be an online marketplace where Minnesotans can compare and purchase health insurance coverage. Rep. Mary Sawatzky (DFL – Willmar) voted in favor of the bill.” (Rep. Mary Sawatzky, Press Release, 3/4/13) 
Among Sawatzky’s Claims In Press Release:
  • “… Exchange Is Projected To Serve More Than 1.2 Million.” (Rep. Mary Sawatzky PressRelease, 3/4/13)
  • “Minnesota Families Are Projected To Save Over $1 Billion By Using The Exchange To Purchase Insurance” (Rep. Mary Sawatzky Press Release, 3/4/13)
Dayton Praised MNsure and Promised Lower Costs: 
Dayton called MNsure a “a major step forward”: “This is a great day for the people of Minnesota,” said Governor Dayton. “Today we are taking a major step forward to improve the quality and affordability of health care for the people of Minnesota.” (Gov. Mark Dayton, “1.3 Million Minnesotans to Benefit from New Health Insurance Marketplace” Press Release, 3/20/13) 
Dayton said MNsure leaders had done an “admirable job.” “Gov. Mark Dayton said today that he still has great confidence in Minnesota’s new online health insurance exchange, even after the recent accidental release of some confidential information…Dayton said MNsure leaders have done an admirable job overall of putting together the exchange under severe time pressure. The system begins operation Oct. 1.” (Tim Pugmire, “Dayton satisfied with MNsure security, GOP lawmakers aren’t,” Minnesota Public Radio, 9/13/13)

On eve of launch, Dayton said MNsure was “ready to go” and in “phenomenal shape.” “Compared to exchanges around the rest of the country, MNsure is in ‘phenomenal shape,’ Gov. Mark Dayton said in a news conferenceTuesday. ‘MNsure is ready to go,’ Dayton said.” (Catherine Richert, “MNsure to debut Tuesday afternoon,” Minnesota Public Radio, 9/30/13)

Dayton said MNsure was doing “phenomenally well” and “extraordinary well.” “I think it’s performed phenomenally well…we’re on the cutting edge, we’re ahead of virtually any other state and even the federal government so we’re pioneering this whole undertaking and I think it’s done extraordinary well…it’s just been truly extraordinary.” (Dayton press conference, 10/22/13)