Marquart Gets “Loud” in Support Of Domestic Abuser Jerry Loud

Minnesota Jobs Coalition President Kevin Magnuson renewed his call for the DFL leadership to clarify whether they support the candidacy of Jerry Loud (DFL-02A), who has a dramatic history of spousal abuse. During a televised debate on Tuesday, Loud stated Assistant Minority Leader Paul Marquart and Sen. Rod Skoe have shown his candidacy “tremendous support” and are people he can “lean on.”  Marquart is part of the DFL leadership and is a member of the DFL elections team.
“DFL leaders need to end their silence over their support of the candidacy of abuser Jerry Loud,” said Kevin Magnuson, president, Minnesota Jobs Collation. “For the past three months, DFL leaders like Ken Martin, Rep. Thissen and Rep. Marquart have refused to state what support, if any, the DFL is giving to a candidate with a history of brutal violence against his former wife.”
The Star Tribune reported that Jerry Loud (DFL-02A) repeatedly abused his ex-wife sending her to the emergency room several times,” before “[s]he took her daughter and ran to Texas to hide from Loud, who she said had threatened to kill her.”
“When times get hard–you definitely know who your supporters are and your friends. So I have to–I look up to Senator Rod Skoe as a mentor and Representative Paul Marquart over on the West end of Minnesota. Those two gentleman have showed tremendous support and I know I can lean on them.” (Lakeland Public Television, “MN House District 2A Debate -Jerry Loud and Matt Grossell,” 10/11/2016)