Minnesota Jobs Coalition Calls on Rep. Ellison to Assure Minnesotans that Taxpayers are not Subsidizing Maye-Quade’s Campaign Activities

The Minnesota Jobs Coalition today called on Congressman Keith Ellison to release employment information regarding state legislative candidate Erin Maye-Quade.
Congressional salary records confirm Maye-Quade remained employed with the office of Rep. Ellison through at least June 30th, and a recent report by MinnPost indicates she remains a full-time employee of his district office.
The Minnesota Jobs Coalition has documented numerous instances where Maye-Quade has campaignedduring the work day, raising questions about her schedule and whether taxpayers are paying for her to campaign in violation of congressional ethics guidelines.
Minnesota Jobs Coalition President Kevin Magnuson released the following statement:
“Congressional ethics guidelines are very clear: careful documentation must be kept to ensure campaign work is not done on official time. Erin Maye-Quade’s social media posts raise serious questions about her arrangement with Rep. Ellison’s office. We urge Rep. Ellison to immediately release Maye-Quade’s employment records to reassure taxpayers that she has not violated congressional ethics guidelines and is putting in the hours commensurate with her taxpayer-funded salary.”