In Case You Missed It: Dayton Breaks Word, Now “Disinclined” to Release MNsure Rates Before Election

Yesterday, Gov. Mark Dayton backed away from his earlier support of releasing new insurance rates before the November elections:

“‘I think they are going to be so badly distorted for political purposes that I don’t think they will shed any light for consumers,’ Dayton said. ‘I don’t think it is going to shed any light on it.'” (Rachel Stassen Berger, “Dayton said he is unsure if release of MNsure rates would add light,” Star Tribune, July 21, 2014)

Less than two weeks earlier, Dayton expressed support of releasing the rates before the election:

“Last year, we got all the plans to give us permission to provide a summary of the rates and we’re in process, once we complete the negotiations, we’ll explore that with the plans again but if they’re willing to go ahead then we’ll be able to proceed sooner if not then federal and state law require us to wait until open enrollment starts in November but you know, I’m perfectly willing to let people see what the rates are and that’s uh, anybody should have that that but we’ve gotta first set the rates (Dayton press interview, 1:30 mark, July 9, 2014)