Dayton Ducks Another Debate

Dayton Hides From Minnesotans Despite Saying Debates Were “Terrific For Minnesota” in 2010

Yesterday, Mark Dayton announced he was ducking a second debate in as many days. This is yet another flip-flop from a politician who seems to be on every side of every issue. In 2010, candidate Mark Dayton said debates were “terrific for Minnesota.” In 2014, politician Dayton says the debates in 2010 were “far too many.”

“In 2010, Mark Dayton participated in debates throughout the summer to provide Minnesotans an ‘antidote for the thirty-second commercials.’ DFL front groups are now running pro-Dayton commercials while Dayton refuses to debate until the final eight weeks of the election cycle,” said Ben Golnik, Chairman of the Minnesota Jobs Coalition. “While it’s obvious why Dayton doesn’t want to talk about the Obamacare debacle, tax hikes on all Minnesotans, or the $90 million luxury office building, Minnesotans deserve better.”


“Dayton campaign manager Katharine Tinucci did not give a specific reason as to why Dayton declined the debate invitation. Instead, she said Dayton participated in more than 30 debates in 2010, a number she said was ‘far too many for the candidates and also for Minnesota voters.’”(Tom Scheck “Gov. Dayton declines MPR State Fair debate invitation,” Minnesota Public Radio, July 25, 2014)

At final debate in 2010, Dayton praised the high number of debates:

Moderator, Gary Eichten: “We don’t have much time left, but I wanted to ask you, you gentlemen have been part of a really unique political experiment, social experiment, 26 debates. Is this a good way for future statewide candidates — Senate, Governor – to conduct their campaigns? You think this is a good way for the state to operate politically?”

Mark Dayton: “Gary, I think it’s been terrific for Minnesota, I think it says so much positive about Minnesotans, interest in this election and our participation in the election process which has always been one of the very best of any state in the nation. It’s a great antidote for 30-second soundbite- 30-second commercials and 7-second sound bites, and it’s given people all over Minnesota a chance to see us firsthand and hear from us directly.” (“Midday Final gubernatorial debate at the Fitz: Gubernatorial candidates have 26th and final debate before Tuesday election,” Minnesota Public Radio, November 2, 2010)

Link to audio of MPR debate

Link to video of MPR debate (question at 53:18, Dayton speaks at 54:25):