More Warnings Delivered to MNsure

Association Comprised of Health Insurance Agents and Brokers Warns Of Massive Rate Shock; Employers Potentially Canceling Group Insurance Plans

St. Paul — Today, the Minnesota Association of Health Underwriters, an association comprised of health insurance agents and brokers, delivered a request to the MNsure Board of Directors, an appeal becoming all too familiar, work to have health insurance rates released beforeNovember 15 in order to give Minnesotans a chance to become educated on what they are purchasing. (Full testimony can be viewed here)

Also included in the testimony delivered to the MNsure board were warnings that small employers are seeing rate increases on average of 30 percent and in some cases increases by as much as 100 percent. Alycia Riedl, president of the Minnesota Association of Health Underwriters warned that with these significant cost increases employers may look to stop providing group plans or that employees would see cost increases “could be 50 percent, could be 60 percent higher.”

“While Mark Dayton and Minnesota Democrats continue to champion the Obamacare debacle they forced onto Minnesotans, problems persist. Recently it was reported that individuals could see rate increases of up to 12 percent and now Minnesotans are learning that employees could see their costs increase by up to 60 percent. Governor Dayton continuing to play political games to keep rates hidden from Minnesotans until after the election puts Minnesotans at risk and is simply unacceptable,” said Minnesota Jobs Coalition chairman Ben Golnik. “Mark Dayton must release rates prior to open enrollment in order to allow Minnesotans to have the time necessary to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.”

Also reported was the fact that 399 defects exist including 215 being listed as “Severe” with no known workaround.


Footage:Testimony of Alycia Riedl, President of the Minnesota Association of Health Underwriters, delivered to the MNsure board of directors (July 16, 2014) Video

Defects: “Deloitte Deliverable #2 p.66 Defect Management — Defect Prioritization” Deloitte Consulting (July 11, 2014) Link

Individual Rate Increases: Jay Kolls “MNsure Monthly Premiums Likely to Increase Significantly” KSTP (July 10, 2014) Link