Democrats in Denial: Will Morgan Doubles Down

Minnesota Jobs Coalition Calls On Will Morgan To Stop Deceiving Constituents
St. Paul — One week after the Minnesota Jobs Coalition called on Will Morgan to own up to his votes and admit that he voted to waste nearly $90 million on a luxury office building for part-time politicians, Will Morgan chose to amplify his dishonest claim, now stating that he “did not vote for the proposed new Senate office building” in campaign literature. 
“Will Morgan is being willfully dishonest with his constituents and continues to hide his support for a $90 million luxury office building for part-time politicians,” said Minnesota Jobs Coalition chairman, Ben Golnik. “Rather than do the right thing and accept responsibility for his vote to spend $90 million on a palace for part-time politicians, Morgan chose to double down. We again call on Will Morgan to correct the record, acknowledge the fact that he voted in favor of the building and apologize to his constituents for his dishonest campaign tactics.”
Will Morgan voted to expend $3 million to pre-design the new Senate Office Palace and to authorize the state to enter into a 25 year lease-purchase agreement to fund the Senate Palace building at a cost of nearly $90 million with interest to Minnesota taxpayers for the office palace alone. (HF677 Sec. 21 Journal of the House of Representatives p.6296, May 19, 2013)
Bond sale to cost Minnesota nearly $90 million to fund the palatial building for part-time politicians.