Democrats in Denial: Will Morgan Edition

Will Morgan Claims He Didn’t Support $90 Million State Office Building, Despite Voting For Bill
On the heels of other Minnesota Democrats like Shannon Savick getting caught lying about their vote to begin the process of building a $90 million luxury office building for part-time politicians, Will Morgan is the latest to join in the effort of back-peddling on voting for the palatial buildingIn a campaign letter, Morgan claims he “didn’t support” the $90 million project despite voting two times in favor of the building.
“It’s troubling that despite his votes to authorize a lavish office for politicians, Will Morgan now claims he ‘didn’t support it’ after finding out how out-of-touch it is with his district,” said Minnesota Jobs Coalition Chairman Ben Golnik. “Instead of running from his record, it is time for Will Morgan to own up to his votes and admit that he voted to waste $90 million on a luxury office building for part-time politicians.”