Embattled Politician Melissa Hortman Wants To Tax What? 

Hortman Voted To Raise Taxes By Over $2 Billion; And She’s Not Done Yet

St. Paul— Minnesotans already pay among the highest taxes in the country, but Melissa Hortman has plans to tax hardworking Minnesotans even more. Minnesota families are struggling, but career politician Melissa Hortman is out-of-touch. In 2013 Melissa Hortman voted to raise taxes by over $2 billion impacting Minnesotans in every income level, put Minnesotans existing health insurance at risk by bringing Obamacare to Minnesota, was the deciding vote on a $90 million luxury office building for part-time politicians and voted to give politicians pay raises. But that’s not enough for career politician Melissa Hortman. Hortman even wants to raise Minnesotans taxes again by taxing clothing, medicine, haircuts, car repair services and funeral services.

Minnesota Jobs Coalition chairman Ben Golnik released the following statement highlighting Hortman’s failed record:

“Career politician Melissa Hortman is out-of-touch. While Minnesota families struggle, Hortman raised taxes by over $2 billion and voted to give perks to politicians. But that isn’t the worst of Hortman’s ideas. Hortman wants hardworking Minnesotans to pay more by taxing clothing, prescription drugs and even funerals. Hortman should come clean with her constituents about her plans to raise their taxes even higher.”


Jobs in Minnesota Pay Less Than Before the Recession: “From 2008 to 2013, Minnesota lost 28,000 jobs in manufacturing, an industry where average wages are $1,145 per week. Meanwhile the state gained more than 24,000 jobs that pay an average of less than $500 per week.” (Adam Belz “Health care adds jobs, at low pay” Star Tribune, September 1, 2014)

Hortman Sought To Expand The Sales Tax: Legislation introduced by Hortman would expand the sales tax to clothing, medicine, legal and accounting services, haircuts and even funerals. (Melissa Hortman HF2163 85th Legislature)

Hortman Was The Deciding Vote In Favor of the Senate Office: House Rules Committee April 4, 2014 Roll Call on E. Murphy motion.
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