Obamacare Champion Tim Walz Runs Away From His Failures

St. Paul, Minn. – Minnesota Jobs Coalition Executive Director John Rouleau issued the following statement regarding Tim Walz’s blatantly political attempt to run away from his long record of support for Obamacare. ​

“Tim Walz confirmed what Minnesotans already knew – his unwavering support for Obamacare is hurting Minnesotans. While it’s about time Tim Walz figured out that Obamacare is an utter failure, the fact remains Minnesotans have him to thank for the Obamacare debacle that led to higher costs and fewer choices. Walz can try to run from his record as a liberal rubber stamp but he can’t hide from the fact that he sided with the D.C. insiders when he voted for Obamacare and repeatedly voted against repealing it at the expense of everyday Minnesotans.”


WatchWalz “The DNC wanted the message to be that the ACA is doing fine and don’t talk about the warts and I said ‘I can’t do that because it’s failing my constituents.'” (Walz Town Hall, 5/12/17)

Voted for Obamacare (Roll Call #165, 3/21/10) (Roll Call #167, 3/21/10)

Voted against repealing ObamaCare (Roll Call #14, 1/19/2011), (Roll Call #460, 7/11/2012), (Roll Call #154, 5/16/2013)