Rep. Thissen on Labor Regulations

In advance of the Minnesota House taking up legislation addressing uniformity in labor regulations across the state, Minnesota Jobs Coalition Executive Director John Rouleau released the following statement.

“Uniformity in labor regulations across Minnesota simply makes sense. As Paul Thissen pointed out in 2015, having a patchwork of regulations and differing minimum wages would do nothing but cause ‘chaos around the state’ hurting workers the most.  Minnesota Democrats’ faux outrage and hyperbolic fear mongering is clearly at odds with their previous statements and what’s best for our state.”

Thissen Discusses Uniform Labor Regulations: WATCH 

Tom Hauser: “Should local governments be able to set their own minimum wage or would that be unworkable?”

Former Minority Leader Paul Thissen: “No. I think that would cause even greater chaos around the state and I don’t know why we would break into having this same fight over and over and over again in every single municipality across the state.”