New MJC Digital Campaign Asks: Will Minnesota Democrats Shut Down Government Over Gas Tax Hike?

St. Paul- With less than a week to go in the legislative session and Senate Democrats and Gov. Mark Dayton refusing to back away from their support of a regressive gas tax hike, the Minnesota Jobs Coalition today announced a renewed digital advertising campaign against the proposed gas tax hike. 
The digital campaign will target eight senators with digital advertisements. View a sample advertisement here.
“Minnesotans remain overwhelmingly opposed to this massive DFL gas tax hike,” said Minnesota Jobs Coalition President Mark Drake. “It is past time for the Senate and Dayton to drop their unwavering support for a regressive tax that will cost Minnesota families hundreds of dollars each year. Our new ad campaign holds these Democrats accountable.” 
​Ads will run in the following districts: 
Senate District 1 – LeRoy Stumpf
Senate District 17 – ​Lyle Koenen 
Senate District 20 – Kevin Dahle
Senate District 21 – Matt Schmit
Senate District 24 – Vicki Jensen
Senate District 42 – Bev Scalze
Senate District 49 – Melisa Franzen 
Senate District 57 – Greg Clausen
New poll shows nearly two-thirds of Minnesotans support investing in transportation without raising the gas tax, while less than 30% support raising the tax. (Center of the American Experiment April 26-28, 2015)