Minnesota Democrats continue push for “unfair and regressive” gas tax hike

With one week left in the legislative session Minnesota Democrat leaders continue to push an increase in the gas tax which Mark Dayton once criticized as “unfair and regressive” even as Minnesota Democrats like Rep. Laurie Halverson (DFL- Eagan) continue to speak out against the plan. 
“At a time when there is a nearly $2 billion surplus, it is inexcusable that Mark Dayton and Tom Bakk stubbornly refuse to look at options other than their highly regressive tax hike to invest in the state’s aging transportation infrastructure,” said MN Jobs Coalition President Mark Drake. “The House has acted and passed a long-term plan to invest in the state’s needs with bi-partisan support, now is the time for the Senate to drop their push to tax Minnesotans and agree to a transportation package capable of garnering bi-partisan support.”