Minnesota Democrats Spread Wild Conspiracy Theory Regarding Attack on Rep. Sarah Anderson

St. Paul, Minn. – Less than one week after state Rep. Sarah Anderson was attacked over her political views, prominent Minnesota Democrats are downplaying this mob-like behavior and promoting a wild conspiracy theory regarding the attack. Minnesota Jobs Coalition executive director John Rouleau issued the following statement.

“It was shocking but unfortunately, not surprising, when Rep. Anderson was physically attacked for her political views. From Maxine Waters to Hillary Clinton to Eric Holder, Democrats have called for the harassment of Republicans. For prominent Minnesota Democrats and staffers to spread wild conspiracy theories and accuse Rep. Anderson of making up her own attack, is downright despicable. The Democrats who have so warmly embraced their support should immediately denounce these comments.”















AM950 Radio Personality Matt McNeil spreads baseless conspiracy about Rep. Sarah Anderson

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A list of prominent Democrats on the “Democrat of the Day” segment on The Matt McNeil Show can be found below:

  • Renee Cardarelle-29A (October 18th)

  • Ashley Latzke-18B (October 15th)

  • Dave Hutch-Hennepin Co. Sheriff (October 12th)

  • Emy Minzel-15A (October 11th)

  • Joe Perske-SD13 (October 10th)

  • Terry Gjersvik-27A (October 9th)

  • Ami Wazlawik-38B (October 8th)

  • Brad Tabke-55A (October 5th)

  • Jonathan Isenor-21B (October 4th)

  • Joe Heggard-24A (October 2nd)

  • Tim Burkhardt-11B (October 1st)

  • Thomas Trehus-28B (September 28th)

  • Yvette Marthaler-24B (September 27th)

  • Kathryn Eckhardt-35B (September 25th)

  • Zack Stephenson-36A (September 24th)

  • Robert Bierman-57A (September 21st)

  • John Persell-5A (September 19th)

  • Liz Olson-7B (September 18th)

  • Samantha Vang-40B (September 17th)

  • Anita Flowe-17B (September 14th)

  • Laurie Pryor-48A (September 13th)

  • Jim Read-13A (September 12th)

  • Alex Hering-9A (September 11th)

  • Julie Blaha-Auditor (September 10th)

  • Mary Kunesh Podein-41B (September 6th)

  • Brad Brown-31A (September 4th)

  • Steve Simon-SOS (August 14th)

  • Erin Murphy (August 9th)

  • Dale Menk-10A (August 7th)

  • Steve Elkins-49B (August 6th)

  • Tyrel Clark-26B (August 3rd)

  • John Huot (August 2nd)

  • Barbara Droher Kline-20A (August 1st)

  • Karen Branden-2B (July 31st)

  • Brent Lindstrom-1B (July 27th)

  • Jamie Long-61B (July 26th)

  • Deb Hilstrom (July 24th)

  • Michael Northbird-2A (July 23rd)

  • Hunter Cantrell-56A (July 20th)

  • Lori Ann Clark-21A (July 16th)

  • Alice Mann-56B (July 13th)

  • Julie Sandstede-6A (July 10th)

  • Gail Kulp-8B (July 9th)

  • Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn-48B (July 2nd)

  • Lori Swanson (June 15th)

  • Kristin Bahner-34B (June 14th)

  • Bill Vikander-35A (June 12th)

  • Matt Pelikan (June 8th)

  • Richard Painter (June 1st)

  • Dan Solon-34A (May 31st)

  • Erin Murphy (May 29th)

  • Cheryl Youakim-46B (May 25th)

  • Ron Latz (May 24th)

  • Jeff Brand-19A (May 23rd)

  • Ruth Richardson-52B (May 22nd)

  • Melissa Hortman-36B (May 21st)

  • Mindy Kimmel-16B (May 18th)

  • Tom Wyatt-Yerka-16A (May 17th)

  • Heather Edelson-49A (May 16th)

  • Jamie Mahlberg-25A (May 14th)

  • Dean Phillips-CD3 (May 11th)

  • Brian Abrahamson-22A (May 10th)

  • Kelly Moller-42A (May 9th)

  • Heather Klassen-23A (May 8th)

  • Rebecca Otto (May 7th)

  • Marla Vagts-58B (May 4th)

  • Ken Martin (May 3rd)