Walz Sides With Far-Left… Again

St. Paul, Minn. – In response to the Minnesota legislature passing legislation increasing existing penalties for individuals who shut down highways and other critical transportation infrastructure like light rail and airports, Tim Walz lashed out, calling the increases an “attack on our First Amendment rights.” Walz’s siding with the far-left again comes just a day after DFL legislators continued their anti-police rhetoric, drawing the ire of fellow DFLer Rep. Paul Marquart.
“Tim Walz has again abandoned any pretense of moderation by siding with the far-left in their anti-police rhetoric and against everyday Minnesotans,” said Minnesota Jobs Coalition executive director John Rouleau.
“To characterize increasing in an existing penalty as somehow being an attack on First Amendment rights is absurd. This legislation simply reaffirms that it is illegal to shut down critical infrastructure and matches the penalty for those who endanger Minnesotans by attempting to shut down highways to the penalty for those who attempt to shut down the legislature.