Under Mark Dayton, Minnesota is on Track to Fall from Fortune 500 “Top 10”

For the first time since 2000, Minnesota will drop from “Top 10” for states with the most Fortune 500 companies.

Following four years of Mark Dayton’s lack of leadership as governor of Minnesota and two years of one party DFL control, Minnesota is on track to lose an honor held since 2001. For the years 2001 through 2013, Minnesota boasted a unique distinction, being in the top ten states with the most Fortune 500 companies headquartered within their borders.

Despite election year rhetoric from Mark Dayton that Minnesota is doing “better, much better than it was before.” The reality is that Minnesota is headed in the wrong direction. Higher taxes, burdensome government regulation and bureaucracy, stalled projects like Polymet that would create new jobs, irresponsible spending and uncertainty about the future all face our state under Mark Dayton’s failed agenda.

“Once again Minnesotans are reminded that Mark Dayton is remarkably out of touch. From his unparalleled support for a failed Obamacare exchange he championed as doing ‘phenomenally well’ to supporting over $2 billion in new taxes and now, most recently stating that one of Minnesota’s largest and best known companies, Medtronic, relocating their headquarters to Ireland was ‘tremendous’ news,” said Ben Golnik, Chairman of the Minnesota Jobs Coalition.

When Mark Dayton took office, there were twenty (20) Fortune 500 companies headquartered within Minnesota’s borders. Four years later, under Mark Dayton’s lack of leadership and punishing economic policies, Minnesota is set to slip to headquartering seventeen companies, a fifteen percent decrease.


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