Six Weeks Later: DFL Silent on Endorsed Candidate’s History of Brutal Spousal Abuse

Jobs Coalition Renews Call for Martin​, DFL​ to Put Decency Over Politics; Denounce Loud’s Actions


St. Paul – Six weeks after reports showed DFL endorsed candidate Jerry Loud has a dramatic history of spousal abuse, Chairman Kevin Magnuson renewed his call for the DFL to denounce Loud’s actions and pledge not to support Loud’s candidacy.

“It has now been six weeks since press reports showed that DFL endorsed candidate Jerry Loud has a history of spousal abuse. Despite these reports, Minnesota Democrats like Ken Martin still refuse to denounce Jerry Loud’s history of violence against women and pledge not to support his candidacy. This refusal can and will only be viewed as a tacit endorsement of Loud, whose brutal violence against his former wife repeatedly sent her to the hospital and which she escaped only after fleeing across the country when he threatened to murder her. These actions are simply horrendous and perpetrators of violence against women are disqualified from representing our great state. Martin should immediately denounce Loud’s actions and pledge to not support Loud’s candidacy financially or in any other way.”

Rather than do the decent thing and denounce Loud’s behavior​, Democrats like​ Gov. Mark Dayton​, embattled Rep. Persell, Senators Stumpf and Skoe and Congressman Collin Peterson​ ​have ​chosen​ instead to campaign alongside Loud, even posing for photos shared by Loud’s campaign.