Pants on Fire: Shannon Savick Denies Voting for $90 Million State Office Building

Last week, Rep. Andrew Falk literally ran from his vote to bring Obamacare to Minnesota. Yesterday, Rep. Shannon Savick denied voting for the $90 million state office building – a project included in the Democrats $2 billion tax bill “in the middle of the night on the last day of a legislative session with no hearings” (WCCO TV, 9/19/2014). Savick voted for this bill.

“Embattled DFL state representatives like Shannon Savick aren’t being truthful with Minnesotans. Democrats raised taxes by over $2 billion to pay for wasteful projects like the $90 million state office building. Minnesotans deserve elected officials who don’t run away from their votes that are out of step with the common sense values of their constituents,” said Ben Golnik, Chairman of the Minnesota Jobs Coalition.


Watch the video from the Minnesota Jobs Coalition of Savick’s comments here

View the roll call vote for the bill here

Click here to view a Minnesota Jobs Coalition mail piece (Savick references “fliers” being sent out in her district regarding the $90 million building)