MJC Launches Advertising to Highlight Broken Promise from Democrats

Property Taxes Due Tomorrow, Statewide Relief Never Arrived

The Minnesota Jobs Coalition launched a digital campaign today to shine light on yet another broken promise from Mark Dayton and the Democrats in Saint Paul.

Last year, Democrats like Representative Patti Fritz predicted their votes for over $2 billion in tax hikes would deliver statewide property tax cuts. At that time, Fritz stated, “rising property taxes have been a big concern for our community. After years of…rising property taxes, it’s time to provide direct property tax relief.” However, Fritz is keenly aware that the promised was never delivered, as many DFL representatives, including Fritz, will see their property taxes increase this year. In over two-thirds of Minnesota’s counties, Minnesotans will see property tax increases.

“For months, Mark Dayton and Democratic legislators boasted about providing statewide property tax relief,” said Ben Golnik, Chairman of the Minnesota Jobs Coalition. “In fact, countless Minnesotans will see higher property taxes and many DFL legislators themselves will pay higher property taxes. It’s time Dayton and the DFL come clean with Minnesotans about their broken promise.”

The MJC digital campaign will be focused in some of the districts where DFL representatives will pay higher property taxes. Ads will be run in the following districts:

Tom Anzelc (5B)
Zachary Dorholt (14B)
Ron Erhardt (49A)
Peter Fischer (43A)
Patti Fritz (24B)
Laurie Halverson (51B)
Jason Isaacson (42B)
Paul Rosenthal (49B)
Barb Yarusso (42A)

Please see a sample ad here

Background Information

Fritz Promised Property Tax Relief: “Rising property taxes have been a big concern for our community,” said Rep. Fritz (DFL-Faribault)… After years of cuts programs that help middle class families and rising property taxes, it’s time to provide direct property tax relief to Greater Minnesota communities.” (Rep. Fritz press release, April 3, 2013, link: http://bit.ly/1k19o0X)

Dayton Pledged Property Tax Reductions for “100 Percent”: “’The revenues we raised by increasing the personal income tax on the top 2 percent in order to provide property tax reductions for the 100 percent,’ Dayton said.” (Pat Kessler, WCCO, “1st Time in a Decade, Property Taxes May Be Going Down,” July 30, 2013)

DFL Leaders Said Tax Increases Would Bring Property Tax Relief: “Today the Minnesota Department of Revenue released new information showing property taxes are projected to decrease for the first time since 2002 – by an estimated $121 million, or 1.5 percent – thanks to the new DFL budget.” (Minnesota House of Representatives DFL Caucus, “Promises Made, Promises Kept: Property Tax Relief,” Facebook post, July 30, 2013)

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