MJC Announces Educational Campaign Regarding Proposed Gas Tax Increase

St. Paul— The Minnesota Jobs Coalition today announced an educational campaign which provides Minnesotans with the facts regarding a proposed gas tax increase at the state Capitol. 

“Minnesotans deserve to know the full story. Despite a nearly $2 billion surplus and the passage of massive tax hikes only two years ago, a proposed gas tax increase from Minnesota Democrats would mean that the average Minnesotan would pay pay hundreds of dollars more every year at the pump,” said Minnesota Jobs Coalition president Mark Drake. “A more than 50 percent increase in the state’s fuel tax would mean higher costs for all Minnesotans. Our educational campaign makes clear that this short-sighted approach neglects the reality: we can make needed long-term investments in roads and bridges without raising the gas tax.”
Seventy-five percent of Minnesotans approve of House GOP plan to fund highways and bridges without raising taxes, according to polling released by KSTP. Polling from the Star Tribune and Minnesota Chamber of Commerce also show a majority of Minnesotans remain opposed to raising the state’s fuel tax.
The educational campaign consists of radio and digital advertising and direct mail targeted in ten districts around the state. A sample radio advertisement can be found here.
The districts are:
House districts 4B, 5B, 36B, 42A, 48A and 51A
Senate districts 17, 21, 51 and 57