Minnesota Jobs Coalition Calls on Gov. Dayton and Democrat Candidates and Committees to Donate Dirty Bill Davis Cash

Minnesota Jobs Coalition President Mark Drake today called on Gov. Mark Dayton and all Minnesota Democrat candidates and committees which accepted contributions from former Community Action of Minneapolis CEO Bill Davis to donate those funds to organizations providing heating and energy assistance to low-income Minnesotans.

“Former Community Action of Minneapolis CEO and Democrat power broker Bill Davis has been indicted for public corruption and misspending $250,000 in taxpayer money. As the leader of a nonprofit pledged to providing heating and weatherization assistance to Minnesotans in need, Davis lavished thousands of dollars in campaign cash on Democrat candidates and committees, including Gov. Dayton and the state DFL Party. With Davis’ indictment, it is past time for Dayton and his fellow Democrats to finally do the right thing: donate this tainted cash to heating assistance and weatherization programs for low-income Minnesotans.”


DFL Power Broker Bill Davis Indicted

Former CEO Of Community Action Of Minneapolis Bill Davis Indicted Last Week. “Bill Davis, the former CEO of Community Action of Minneapolis, pleaded not guilty Monday to federal charges of theft and fraud in a public corruption case that alleges he misspent taxpayer money and ordered that his son be paid for work he did not perform.” (Alejandra Matos, “Davis Pleads Not Guilty After Public Corruption Indictment,” Star Tribune, 9/14/15)

Davis Accused Of Misspending $250,000 In Taxpayer Money. “A federal grand jury indicted Davis and his son, Jordan Davis, last week. Davis is accused of misspending $250,000 in taxpayer money as he led an organization that provided heating and weatherization assistance to low-income residents, along with career counseling and other services. Davis had run the organization since 1990.” (Alejandra Matos, “Davis Pleads Not Guilty After Public Corruption Indictment,” Star Tribune, 9/14/15)

“The Indictment Alleges That Davis Ordered That His Son Be Paid More Than $140,000 From A ‘Slush Fund’ That Should Have Gone Toward Heating And Energy Assistance.” (Alejandra Matos, “Davis Pleads Not Guilty After Public Corruption Indictment,” Star Tribune, 9/14/15)

Davis Is Former DNC Member. “Davis’ ties to high-profile Minneapolis Democrats raised some questions about whether he had too much influence over state and federal contracts. Davis, a former Democratic National Committee member, denied using political connections to help his agency.” (Tom Scheck, “Suspended Community Action CEO Denies Wrongdoing, Plans Comeback,” Minnesota Public Radio, 12/19/14)

Davis Donated Thousands To Minnesota Democrats

Federal contributions are in bold.

Minnesota DFL Party 2003 $500

Minnesota DFL Party 2007 $1,000

Bobby Joe Champion 2008 $200

Jeffrey Hayden 2008 $250

3rd Congressional District DFL 2008 $150

Minnesota DFL Party 2008 $500

Mark Dayton 2009 $500

2nd Congressional District DFL 2009 $660

3rd Congressional District DFL 2009 $340

46th Senate District DFL 2009 $120

Jim Meffert 2009 $250

2nd Congressional District DFL 2010 $200

Jim Meffert 2010 $200

2nd Congressional District DFL 2011 $190

3rd Congressional District DFL 2011 $250

Minnesota DFL Party 2011 $1,000

Bobby Joe Champion 2012 $300

3rd Congressional District DFL 2013 $250

3rd Congressional District DFL 2014 $375

Minnesota DFL Party 2014 $750


$3,785- State contributions

$4,200- Federal contributions

(Minnesota Campaign Finance & Disclosure Board & Center for Responsive Politics, Accessed 9/14/15)