Conyers Resigns; Franken Hides

Minnesotans Wait on Consequences for Embattled Junior Senator

Saint Paul, Minn. – As Rep. Conyers abruptly announced his immediate resignation from Congress, Al Franken continues to hide from Minnesotans, avoiding consequences for his actions. To date, six women, including a United States Army veteran, have detailed incidents in which they say they were groped and forcibly kissed by the Senator.

“Minnesota Democrats’ continued refusal to divest their cash from Sen. Franken and defend his actions sends a message that Franken is above consequences,” said Minnesota Jobs Coalition executive director John Rouleau. “Minnesota Democrats need to make a decision: do they truly believe women who come froward and stand with them, or do politicians from their party get special treatment? Abetting the repeated harassment of women is unacceptable and every Democrat who stands with Franken now will pay the price for enabling his behavior.”