Coleman Set To Hike Taxes After Mismanaging St. Paul

St. Paul, Minn. – Minnesota Jobs Coalition Executive Director issued the following statement regarding Mayor Chris Coleman’s failed leadership in St. Paul as the city is set to raise taxes and limit consumer choices on garbage collection.

“After getting caught illegally taxing exempt organizations, Mayor Coleman’s ‘solution’ is to rename the program and raise taxes on St. Paulites. As the city struggles and gun violence rises, Mayor Coleman is focused on dictating which vendors residents can use to haul their trash while raising their taxes. If Coleman can’t properly manage St. Paul and keep its residents safe, why should we trust him to run our state?”


St. Paul to Impose $20 Million Tax Hike (Frederick Melo, Pioneer Press 7/17/17)

St. Paul Right-Of-Way Fees Are Taxes, Minnesota Supreme Court Rules: “An excerpt from Wednesday’s Supreme Court ruling read: ‘Viewed as a whole, the R.O.W. assessment does not qualify as a ‘special charge’ … but operates as a tax.'” (Frederick Melo, “St. Paul right-of-way fees are taxes, Minnesota Supreme Court rules” Pioneer Press 8/24/16)

With Gun Violence Steadily on the Rise, St. Paul Police Chief Details Strategy to City Council: There have been 701 reports of shots fired in St. Paul this year, compared with 433 at the same period last year — an increase of about 62 percent. (Mara Gottfried “With gun violence steadily on the rise, St. Paul police chief details strategy to city council” Pioneer Press 7/12/17)

St. Paul’s Trash Collection Plan: $21 – $32 Per Month, Plus Annual Fee: “Garbage collection could soon cost all St. Paul homeowners $21 to $32 per month, on top of an annual administrative fee of roughly $52 that will be charged alongside property taxes.” (Frederick Melo, “St. Paul’s trash collection plan: $21 – $32 per month, plus annual fee” Pioneer Press 7/17/17)