Back To The Drawing Board: Dayton Plan DOA

Mark Dayton Owes Minnesotans Real Solutions, Not Higher Middle-Class Taxes

St. Paul — Minnesota Jobs Coalition executive director John Rouleau released the following statement after the release of Governor Mark Dayton’s massive middle-class tax hike proposal calling for higher taxes on gasoline, a metro-area sales tax expansion and higher fees that will hit hardworking Minnesotans across every income level.

“Today’s proposal shows Governor Dayton isn’t serious about solving long-term transportation problems facing Minnesota,” said Minnesota Jobs Coalition executive director John Rouleau. “Rather than proposing meaningful reforms capable of garnering broad, bi-partisan support, Dayton resorted to promoting the same failed ideas and middle-class tax hikes that members of his own party have said aren’t ‘going anywhere.’ Mark Dayton owes Minnesotans real reforms, not higher taxes for middle-class families.” 

At a recent town hall meeting Democrat Rep. Yvonne Selcer brushed off the prospects of the Governor’s transportation taxes passing